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We truly believe that we are only as strong as our team. We employ highly trained individuals who excel in their area of expertise.

Offering counseling psychology services for alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse, sex addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma, and mental health issues in the Houston area


Our staff are experienced across a variety of treatment methods designed to focus on your specific mental health needs.​

​​​Guy Bender, MS, LPC, EMDR


Psychotherapy and Treatment Placement Services

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Welcome to Clinical Consulting Services, your personal mental health experts dedicated to assisting you in coping with the stresses and struggles keeping you from living your life to the fullest. 

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"Guy at Connect Clinical Services, is a great coordinator of services for my patients; he provides a link between my private practice and inpatient services as well as connecting me to other colleagues who are service providers in other cities and states."

​Mary Morin
Owner, Cornerstone Counseling